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Jose Hernandez

At first the ending was a little confusing but after thinking of why Dr. Jones was in the airplane with Dr. Peter? My theory is that after Cole died he was no longer able to help cure the virus and the scientist needed to send another person. Since the scientist never wanted to find a cure but rather try to understand it and help how to solve the problems of the future they send Dr. Jones to the plane to meet Dr. Peter, and maybe that why she mentions " I'm in insurance" meaning she is there to help Procter the one percent that survived the virus in the future.


The ending of 12 Monkeys was very interesting and obviously struck a lot of us off guard I would say. I really like Jose's response and his ideas on how to sum up the ending of 12 Monkeys. I think that the lady is there to help Procter.

Becky Bond

My impression of the ending was that the scientists were behind this scheme the whole time, because they had seen it happen before in a cyclical loop. They were willing to expend James as many times as they needed to gather the information they wanted.

Jessica Brown

I agree with Jose. It seems like the scientist on the plane came there to finish the mission since James could not. I don't think this ending is very hopeful, because it seems like most of humanity is still going to die.
I think that since I know the end now, I will pay closer attention to how the scientists act in the movie, and try to tell how much they're hiding from Cole.

Gabriel Yanez

The ending makes a lot more sense with the second viewing. James tells Dr. Reilly the plan of the scientist, it was his mission to find the source of the virus, it was the scientist who will retrieve it and try to find a cure in the future. With this in mind the ending makes more sense. The scientist is on the plane to get a sample of the virus. Everything goes to their plan.

Jesus Hernandez

I believe the ending is ambiguous and open for interpretation. In my opinion Cole is sent back to try and get a sample of the virus not to change the outcome. I also believe this is a cycle Cole has fallen into and since he can't retrieve the sample because he dies, the future scientist has the opportunity to get it. I don't know if she will succeed since the boy (young Cole) keeps looking up at the sky at the end of the movie and waits for the virus to spread, unless the scientist travels back to the future just in time.

Kevin Smith

To be honest, the ending still leaves me conflicted. On one hand, if we choose to believe that the female scientist in the final scene came back to take care of the man who distributes the virus, then it's a very hopeful ending. However, if we believe James when he says that events cannot be changed, then the ending is still bleak. Although I'm conflicted, I still really enjoyed the ending

Elida Cabrera

I agree with Jesus. I think that Cole's job was not to stop the virus from spreading but to pinpoint the source of it. Once the scientists received the information they needed they sent someone to finish the mission. They were willing to sacrifice Cole which left him in that continuous loop.

Blake Bauer

I think the scientist is just there to get a sample for use in making a cure. A possible reason why she doesn't try to stop him is because she is high ranking in her time and enjoys the luxury of being on top so she wants to keep it that way. Either that or maybe she knows she cannot change the past so she doesn't try.

Josh Riddell

I think the reason Dr. Jones is in the airplane with Dr. Peter is because Cole did his job by finding the source of the virus and now it is Dr. Jones job to make sure Dr. Peter doesn't spread the virus. I believe she either stops the virus by killing Dr. Peter. So to me that is a hopeful ending.

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